Wastewater Treatment

To enrich the purity of water, we assure strategic concept-to-completeness treatment solutions while enabling greater customer focus. Life Green Systems is one of the pioneer leaders in offering wastewater treatment solutions to manage, protect and conserve our water resource. Our astute team of specialists work together to find the best and effective site-specific solutions that help our clients solve their water issues.Our experience in planning, designing and managing water systems dates back more than a decade. With right kind of skills that extend beyond technical knowledge, our hydro-geologists, engineers and construction managers have the capability to work on any water project pan India.

We understand that water is the cornerstone of development and so it is our responsibility to provide safe and clean water to secure this basic asset of mankind. Our endeavor for doing so drives us to give benefits that enhance, innovate and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments.

These plants have the capacity to completely treat waste water and make it suitable for various activities like Landscape maintenance, Floor Washing, Gardening, NC Cooling Tower and Toilet Flushing applications. UB Industrial Services provides best solutions that are reliable, cost effective and customized for recycling water. UB Industrial Services can undertake end to end solution for UB design, engineering, supplying, Installation, testing and Commissioning and Retrofitting.


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