Fresh Water Management

Life Green Systems has been infusing green, innovative and world class modular technologies in managing fresh water resource effectively. Our fresh water management, urban flood mitigation and ecological drainage technologies are well proven to combat water scarcity challenges across the globe.

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Dependable freshwater supplies and the ability to cope with the extremes of too little or too much water are requisites for sustainable human development. Warnings of freshwater scarcity issued at the end of the twentieth century. More than 3 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water, and the problem is particularly acute in developing countries, where 90 percent of wastewater is discharged into streams without treatment

Transformation into Modular Rain Water Harvesting

Modular Rain Water Harvesting

Infusing Modular technologies to store or reuse rain water in order to realize the needs of an enriched tomorrow with …
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Conventional RWH

Conventional Rain Water Harvesting

Although close to three fourths of our planet is made of water, not all of it is suitable for use. …
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Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management

Mitigating Urban Flash Flooding through our  innovative, highly effective & modular storm water harvesting mechanism Storm water is water that originates …
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Pond/ Lake Development

Water bodies were life blood of our Indian culture, this is one of the best recharge cum percolation cum holding …
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Pond/ Lake Restoration

Infusing a resilient & conceptual pond / lake restoration mechanism to bring life to our ecosystem.  Lakes provide humans with …
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Ecological Channels

Conventional drain channel comprises of a cement channel and darted on metal gratings. Loose or missing gratings not only pose …
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