Rooftop Garden

LifeGrow™ Rooftop Garden in India by Life Green SystemsRoof Garden in India by Life Green systems


In today’s urban life where we have limited space for our gardens, roof or terrace garden provides a perfect solution to green up your residence or office. Life Green systems offers perfect roof garden solutions right from the water proofing to planting. A rooftop garden not only makes your space look good but also makes it feel good. Our landscape designs help get outdoors indoors. These not only help make your space aesthetically good but makes it environment friendly too. We give innovative concepts to your gardens which include elements like vertical gardens, kitchen gardens, indoor temperature control solutions etc.

Life Green Systems’ Drainage Cells are manufactured from high strength recycled polypropylene and are used in various applications like terrace gardens or rooftop gardens, planter and podium systems, basement retaining walls, landscape decks, pond filtration systems, sports fields , agriculture and horticulture applications etc. The Drainage Cells are ideally suited for W.S.U.D (Water Sensitive Urban Design) applications and provides an ideal use for increasing the permeability of ground areas which reduces overland flow and facilitates groundwater recharge.

Our roof top garden designs ensure a lightweight garden design, featuring water filtration and a range of Drainage Cells and tanks to drain, filter and create a lightweight void. And with our Sustainable Roof Garden System, you can fill and even store water for reuse, all within the roof garden or planter box.

The Drainage Cells are ideal for Planter Boxes and Roof Garden Design. Excellent growing conditions are achieved by draining only excess water, leaving high moisture content. This content produces optimal growing conditions for vegetation above the Drainage Cell. The Drainage Cell acts as a protective membrane for waterproofing over concrete slabs. The Drainage Cells also provides ventilation to concrete slabs, alleviating heat induced stress and cracking.


  • Efficiently removes only excess water
  • Promotes fast and excellent plant growth
  • Reduces Urban Flooding
  • Reduces water contamination by filtering at source
  • Retains a minimum of approximately 76 L/m2 of perched water above  the cells
  • Strong structure can support heavy loads
  • Easily Installed

 Why LGS Roof Garden technology is apt in Urban setup ?

  • Complete absorption of all stormwater on site
  • Reduce ambient temperature of cities
  • Reduce the heat on buildings (Insulation)
  • Create a sink for Carbon
  • Create a large catchment for rainfall
  • Reduce stormwater discharge


  • Lightweight
  • Strong structural design
  • Rapid drainage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Void surface area upto 96.5 %
  • Made of recycled polypropylene