LifeGrow™ – Green Wall or Vertical Garden

LifeGrow™ / Green WallWith a vision of enhancing urban ecology and promoting green living spaces for a better life, the bespoke installation of LifeGrow™ : Vertical Gardens or Green Walls has turned out to be a vital architectural trend which most of the smart cities are adapting these days. It brings visual delight to city-dwellers as well as offers multiple environmental benefits.

Go vertical & Go back to the nature!

The unique concept of green walls originated from the old biblical days of Babylon and that old city’s hanging gardens. In the current times, it has been rediscovered by a Paris-based  landscape designer Patrick Blanc, who has reevaluated the idea of vertical gardens with an advanced turn – truly putting them on the divider.


  • Easy to Install & Quick Plant Installation is Possible
  • Vertical & Horizontal Expansion
  • Optimum Moisture Retention for Plants
  • Make use of Standard Potting Mixes
  • Easy Individual Plant Access & Maintenance
  • Easy Creative Planting Design
  • Self Supporting Structure
  • No Framework Required
  • Structurally Strong
  • Modular Planting System
  • Excess Water Capture System Available
  • Reticulation System Easy To Incorporate

LifeGrow™ Kit with Installation Process

Green walls in India have increasingly been integrated into public and private buildings around the world over the past decade. Their aesthetic appeal is matched by more practical benefits. As well as helping to counter pollution, they help insulate interiors from heat and cold and require less water than traditional gardens.

  • Easy Maintenance and Irrigation:
  • Reduce global warming
  • Provides a sync for carbon
  • Purify air
  • Regulate building temperature

LifeGrow™ vertical gardens is easy to maintain and irrigate. The modular nature of the system allows access to individual plants for adding fertiliser if required. Liquid fertiliser and nutrients can also be fed through the drip irrigation system. Conventional drip irrigation system is installed on the top row of the LifeGrow™  vertical garden. With the aid of gravity the remainder of the system is irrigated with water dripping vertically from plant to plant.