Green Facades

Over the past two decades, green facade technology has come of age and modified with time into an alluring interior or exterior design element that can offer manifold benefits and aesthetic value to the ambiance.

The LifeGrow™ facades system brings the blend of state-of-the-art modular green wall design with growing media that replicates soil ecosystems. The result is an ultra-lightweight green wall that grows vines, food, flowers, and many more plant options. The LifeGrow™ system is easy to install and maintain. These can be indoor and outdoor; they are more expensive but they are instantly green. The LifeGrow™ system follows in the tradition of exterior green facades in that it is a screen, but there are planters attached to the wall. This “modular” approach means that the LifeGrow™ grows in more quickly but still remains cost-effective.

The greening and preservation of urban space has become an important consideration for cities, municipalities and communities, mostly based on the pressure from increased population density on existing infrastructure. Urbanization has created opportunities and challenges in the built environment with the primary goal to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. Green facade systems provide a support for plants that have unique structural characteristics and growing habits. Choosing a green facade system that matches up the living plant component with the spectrum of design considerations is the focus of this section.