Architectural Designs

Life Green Systems Architectural DesignAt Life Green, we put forward our constant efforts on creative design that respects its context and hold the green concept. Whether we’re commencing and redefining existing structures or innovating new places for our global clients to work, play and live, we bring together specialized architects to cater the clients’ needs, create harmony and design exceptional architectural solutions. We are a dedicated team of professionals who believe in quality work and hand in hand enriching the cultural heritage of the neighborhoods and communities in which we dwell and to advancing sustainable green building design for the future and the present world.


We offer best in class services in architectural design, preservation and building redesign, planning and sustainable design, and most of our projects combine some or even all of these areas to achieve the desired levels of functionality, efficiencies and aesthetic effects. We realize the green building projects by the impact of our capabilities, approach and execution.

Green facade house mosque_fxfowle sinan-great-mosque-design1


Our expertise in green building architectural design solutions are based on the strong leadership with thoughtful engagement among clients, engineers and constructors to maximize the design possibilities and deliver an outstanding end results of each project. We act upon your vision of an improved infrastructure that is not only competitive but also future oriented. Our industry-specific architectural designs offer the best and most enduring results to the clients irrespective of locations. This meticulous approach demands a collaborative spirit, openness to the exchange of ideas, level-headed pragmatism and technical expertise. It is a standout and exciting way to work, and we, at Life Green love do it.

No matter whether you have a small scale or the large scale, we assure utmost focus on each step we take to furnish the designs based on your needs. We, at Life Green are swayed that a great green building is one which meets our clients’ needs whilst also responding well to local conditions without compromising on quality.

We love working with our clients to identify their future needs as well as present needs, and developing the brief and the design together. We believe that by working as a team with our clients, statutory authorities and contractors we contribute to producing buildings to be proud of.