Urban Ecology

Life Green systems offers urban ecology solutions like landscaping, vertical gardens, roof gardens, contemporary water features and subsurface drainage to uphold our urban lifestyle.

Urban Ecology


Design, Execution, & Maintenance:

We provide innovative design services for all landscaping needs of the client. We assist you at all times from design of new areas to redesign of existing landscape. Our professionals give the best assistance by providing all the necessary drawings and site visits to deliver the needed solutions. We are one stop solution for designing, execution and maintenance for all outdoor needs.

Design Service includes all below mentioned drawings:

Conceptual Landscape Design Conceptual Landscape Design

Presentation Plan Presentation Plan

Conceptual Sketches Conceptual Sketches

Final Master Plan Final Master Plan

All level Plan All level Plan

Dimension Plan Dimension Plan

Material Plan Material Plan

Lighting Plan Lighting Plan

Landscape Architects Sections

landscaping solutions Detailed Sections

Irrigation Plan Irrigation Plan(Checking with the consultant paid by the client)

Hydro-geologists All detail drawings where ever necessary


We have expert team of Landscape Architects and Designers, Engineers, Hydro-geologists, Project Management Team and Service Team to ensure improved client experience. Our advance and comprehensive landscaping solutions cater any industry and project site needs
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