Storm Water Management

Mitigating Urban Flash Flooding through our  innovative, highly effective & modular storm water harvesting mechanism

Storm water is water that originates during precipitation events because impervious surfaces (parking lots, roads, buildings, compacted soil) do not allow rain to infiltrate into the ground, more runoff is generated than in the undeveloped condition, Storm water management also contributes to community safety and financial risk management by reducing the risk of urban flooding and erosion. The associated basement flooding and damage to public and private properties can also be avoided.It is becoming increasingly obvious to most governments around the world that the cost of providing a usable water supply is increasing rapidly. Decaying infrastructure and storm water system pollution is not only contaminating ecosystems but this valuable source of water is literally going down the drain. Green Systems has solutions that can be tailored to your requirements for the complete control of water, our most precious resource.A solution for this problem is Rainwater Harvesting, it is the process of collecting, storing, and distributing rainwater from the roof for use in and around the home or office.The underground location and the high compressive strength on the Life Rain tank provides greater usable ground area and enhanced aesthetic setting compared to traditional above ground tanks. The lightweight, modular design of the Flo-Tank tank system makes installation quicker, safer, easier and cheaper than below ground round or oval concrete or plastic tanks.
Benefits• Increased Land Value
• Reduces mains water dependence
• Modular
• Strong Structural Design
• Low Maintenance
• Protects Property
Water System Options consisting of• Water Storage – Unlimited storage capacity
• Irrigation Systems – Surface and Sub Surface systems
• Water Purification Plants
• Filtration Media – Bio remediating soils are available to treat common contaminants found in stormwater runoff
Ideally Installed Into• Sports Fields
• Parks & Gardens
• Car Parking Lots
• Community Land
Collect and Purify Rainwater from• Roads
• Car Parking Lots
• Sport Fields Runoff
• Urban Runoff
• Rooftops
Water Storage
The Life Green Systems underground water tank system is a modular sub surface system that can be constructed to hold any volume required. The underground location of the water tanks frees up space for landscaping, living space or driveway use while also ensuring optimal conditions for retaining water is always maintained. Macro and micro pollutants are completely kept out of the system through an LifeRain.