Pond/ Lake Restoration

Infusing a resilient & conceptual pond / lake restoration mechanism to bring life to our ecosystem. 

Lakes provide humans with services that include water for irrigation, drinking, industry, and dilution of pollutants, hydroelectric power, transportation, recreation, fish, and aesthetic feature. We, at Green Systems understand the importance of contributing towards a resilient ecosystem, though our pond/ lake restoration mechanism we make certain that our valuable resources will be restored and flourished in order to bring the change. The urban lakes are facing the damage or degradation due to increased industrialization and disturbed lake ecology i.e. Lake Morphology, Water Quality Variables and Aquatic Organisms.

Importance of Lake

• Source of water: surface and recharge of groundwater, for drinking and irrigation
• Supports livelihoods
• Food and nutrition
• Act as flood control measures
• Recreation
• Lakes are ‘natural infrastructure’ for climate change adaptation

Problems• Encroachment and draining of lakes. Lakes are fast becoming a lost heritage
• Pollution from domestic sewage and industries: Nitrates, phosphates and toxic substances increasing in lakes
• Loss of biodiversity also resulting in loss of food like fish
• Impact on health: Diseases like jaundice, typhoid and gastro enteritis rise and vector transmitted diseases like malaria also increase among the    population living near the lake shore and using its water
We are here because of this !!!!!!!!!