Ecological Channels

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Conventional drain channel comprises of a cement channel and darted on metal gratings. Loose or missing gratings not only pose a health and safety risk to pedestrians, but also contribute to the most common forms of failure in the drainage channel walls under heavy loads.

The innovative modules of Life Green Systems takes out the risk of detached or stolen gratings and requires less civil work. The modules arrangements have been done in a way so that a unique ecological channels structure can be built to restore effective and contemporary drain channel.

With the Life Green Systems ecological channels, an underground drain system can be established to eradicate and rectify the problems generally occurred due to civil and traditional cemented drain channels. Our ecological channels are being designed by keeping in mind the present scenario and to answer the multiple issues related to urban green cities development. On the other hand, the use of geotextile is apt to increase the self cleansing capacity of the ecological drain channel that would eventually create healthy and sound aerobic conditions.