Conventional Rain Water Harvesting

Life Green System's Conventional Rain water Harvesting SystemAlthough close to three fourths of our planet is made of water, not all of it is suitable for use. The water in the oceans and seas cannot be used as drinking water and little of it can be utilized for other purposes. As a result, there is a constant shortage of water that is either good for drinking or home and industrial use. Areas on the planet that have long faced water shortage were able to combat this problem by harvesting what little rain water they received. This slowly started spreading to areas where there was plenty of rainfall. As a result, the modern day rainwater harvesting system  was bought into place. 

Why is it important to maintain Rain Water Harvesting?

  • Improves Quality of Stored Water
  • Ensures optimum performance, and increases life
  • Ensures mains water top-up is working and protected from contamination.
  • According to CGWB Regulations, Rain Water Harvesting pit should be clean before the rainy season to maintain sustainability of ground water resources.


We make sure that your system is properly maintained, giving you maximum peace of mind, to help you save water, save money and save the environment.

  • Hassle free
  • Time Saving
  • Ready to use
  • Easy Maintenance

There is no regular pattern of maintenance of these tanks but if the water get contaminated due to excessive organic matter or accidental falling of small mammals, it will be cleaned immediately, using the next rainfall. Usually these tanks have an outlet at the bottom for cleaning and emptying the tank. Water use in these tanks takes place mostly during the rains. In the dry periods one often finds these tanks have become ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, as a few inches of water is always left in them. However, those who have the means to bring water from distance places, in large quantities (usually transported in tractors), also store such water in these tanks. Therefore, these conventional tanks act as a durable storage in the dry season too.

People use this water mainly for bathing, washing clothes, personal washing. One of the added advantages of these storage tanks is that the water collected is not saline as in the case of most of the ground water found in the area. Hence, there is a personal preference of people to use these tanks for personal hygienic practices. As these structures are large tanks constructed in the ground and the uses are for non-consumptive purposes, there are no standard maintenance practices.