Water Audit

Water Audit is the qualitative and quantitative analysis of water consumption to identify means of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of water.


Need of Water Audit :

  • Industry is the second largest user of water after agriculture. However the amount of water used varies widely from one industry type to another. Out of the total fresh water available in India about 22 % is used by the industries.
  • Many business, notably the food, beverage, pharmaceutical sectors consume water by using it as an ingredient in finished products for human consumption.


Importance Of Water Audit :

  • Systematic Process
  • May yield some surprising result
  • Easier to work on solutions when problem are identified
  • A tracking mechanism can be put in place



  • Schematic Layout of Water Supply Distribution System
  • Schematic Layout of Drainage Layout of the Plant
  • Check List for self assessment for determining the water efficiency for facility managers
  • Pre Assessment Audit Report
  • Detailed Water Audit Report