Landscaping Consultancy

Life Green Systems is one of the unique firms which work on all landscape services from landscape design to execution. The landscape design and execution services are environmentally concerned with use of traditional and innovative modern techniques.

Our landscaping services are unique as we create landscapes which are water smart. It’s high time we save and conserve water in our landscapes and built up areas. Smart ideas in design and execution can create wonders in designed spaces, Life Green systems in working on innovative techniques for more than a decade now which is helping to conserve environment and its resources.

Our sensitivity towards the environment has made create us innovative techniques in water conservation like modular rainwater harvesting techniques, storm water management techniques, vertical gardens, innovative landscape designs, water efficient planting plans, permeable pavers, turf reinforcement where every necessary, underground water storage techniques, subsurface drainage systems, ecological drains etc. These techniques not only help conserve water but also make water sensible landscapes. Life Green Systems not just another Landscaping firm but one that is sensitive to the environment, believes in mitigating pollution through creation of abundant urban ecology and application of water smart urban landscaping solutions.

We assist you at all times from design of new areas to redesign of existing landscape. Our professionals give the best assistance by providing all the necessary drawings and site visits to deliver the needed solutions. We are one stop solution for designing, execution and maintenance for all outdoor needs.

Design Service includes all below mentioned drawings:

  1. Conceptual Landscape Design
  2. Presentation Plan
  3. Conceptual Sketches
  4. Final Master Plan
  5. All level Plan
  6. Dimension Plan
  7. Material Plan
  8. Lighting Plan
  9. Sections
  10. Detailed Sections
  11. Irrigation Plan(Checking with the consultant paid by the client)
  12. All detail drawings where ever necessary.


The client shall make the following available during construction at their expense:-

  1. Adequate and safe space for storage of materials.
  2. Uninterrupted water for bore drilling will be supplied by the customer only (costing is based on the assumption that water supply is provided on time. Any delay in supply of water after machine installation may incur machine standing charges).
  3. Permission of extra soil disposal will be scope of client.
  4. Green Systems will only guide the customer to take approval. Approval will be the responsibility of client.
  5. Client has to get the separate drainage / pipe connection for unit 3&4 inorder to make the system efficient.
  6. Clear site for work and letter for non presence of service line in the area allocated.
  7. Electricity required for construction purposes (both during day and night if necessary).


Furthermore, following will be responsibilities of the client:


  1. Any losses during execution (Example: time lost due to space allocation issues for material storage at the site, etc) .
  2. Insurance & medical support at the site.