Life Grow™

Vertical Garden System



Create lush, beautiful vertical gardens, indoor or outdoor with all the modules. Vertical gardens are created with ease utilizing natural soil mixes to retain nutrients. This modular system enables localized moisture retention and access to individual plants, creating optimum conditions for a successful vertical garden.


  • Rapid Construction & Plant Installation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Expansion
  • Optimum Moisture Retention for Plants
  • Uses Standard Potting Mixes
  • Easy Individual Plant Access & Maintenance
  • Easy Creative Planting Design
  • Self Supporting Structure
  • No Framework Required
  • Structurally Strong
  • Modular Planting System
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Excess Water Capture System Available
  • Reticulation System Easy To Incorporate

Easy Maintenance and Irrigation

vertical garden systems are easy to maintain and irrigate. The modular nature of the system allows access to individual plants for adding fertiliser if required. Liquid fertiliser and nutrients can also be fed through the drip irrigation system.

Conventional drip irrigation system is installed on the top row of the Gro-Wall vertical garden. With the aid of gravity the remainder of the system is irrigated with water dripping vertically from plant to plant.