LifeGrow™ Movable Vertical Gardens are setting-up benchmark in Urban Ecology

In the recent years, the world has been witnessing the revolutionary age of innovation in design and architecture. There can be no doubt that urban population has been growing with the luxurious need of green surroundings. In order to establish a sustainable connection with the concrete jungle, terrace gardens, vertical gardens, and movable vertical gardens are now gaining positive response from urban population.

The transforming vertical gardens to enhance the aesthetics

New age water-smart vertical gardens are exotic and designed specifically for commercial or industrial or residential applications. LifeGrow™ Movable Vertical Gardens by Life Green Systems are a perfect fit for your balcony, terrace or lawn while offering key advantages. Movable Vertical Gardens simply renovate the whole ambiance and bring a life to an empty space just after the installation due to its unique aesthetic features:

LifeGrow Movable Vertical Gardens

  • Water-Smart
  • Modular Design
  • Grows up-to 60+ Plants
  • Can be Installed in Indoor or Outdoor Area
  • Full Foliage
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Move
  • Lightweight
  • Automated Drip Irrigation (Optional)
  • Better Life Cycle Cost
  • Made up of 100 Recycled Polypropylene
  • Best Suited for Edible Gardens Application

It’s a cost effective, future-ready and potential solution to build a sustainable lifestyle for city dwellers in urban setup. Taking it to a next level, LifeGrow™ movable vertical gardens offer favourable conditions to grow vegetation and ultimately come out as a best available alternative for edible gardens. It can utilize the unused vertical space to stack a lot of functions into one system.