Go Back to Nature with “Vertical Gardens” – An urban topiary of the future cities.

With a vision to enhance urban ecology by taking urban lifestyle to the next level and delivering a visual delight to city dwellers, Vertical Gardens are booming.

c2119e3e94306791c1322493867b95f9 When it comes to upcoming trends in urban landscape design and to make the best use of space, it seems that Vertical Gardens has become the next big thing. Vertical Gardens, which is also popularly known as Green Walls or Green Living Walls, has numerous environmental benefits that majorly include:

  • Reduces Room Temperature
  • Adds beauty to the ambiance
  • Purifies Air Quality
  • Reduces Global Warming

Apart from the environmental benefits, vertical gardens also provide decorative features and striking visual advantages are obvious, but the benefits go far beyond the aesthetic. The best part about the Green Walls is that it has a strong impact on people because it makes them realize that nature can exist in the urban city.


Undoubtedly, vertical gardens can help urban dwellers breathe easier in a variety of ways. According to a recent research it’s amply proven that vertical gardens act as a natural cooling catalyst and can lessen the temperature of buildings. Installing a Vertical Garden is a wise choice as it can consistently lower temperature than a bare wall.

Green Systems’ LifeGrow™ can really make the installation easier for those who think that getting a Vertical Garden fixed is a tedious job. Our LifeGrow™ planter box is designed in a way to inspire creativity and can easily irrigate. From all these futuristic benefits, one thing has become certain that Vertical Gardens will continue to rise in urban cities across the world and we, at Green Systems will be contributing in this context with the ease of installation and by executing our innovative design technology.

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