Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) – Actions Towards Sustainable Urban Green Cities by Life Green Systems

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is not just a futuristic theory but also an approach to plan and design urban environment in such a way that we can realize the dream of green cities, clean waters and a better life.

WSUD approach helps businesses of today to contribute in urban environment that supports healthy ecosystems, lifestyles and livelihoods through smart management of our natural resources. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is also leads to land planning and engineering urban city design approach which integrates the urban water cycle, including storm water, groundwater, wastewater management and fresh water supply, into urban green cities design to minimize ecological degradation and improve aesthetic and recreational appeal. The innovative green solutions like Modular Rainwater Harvesting, Urban Flood Mitigation, and Urban Ecology solutions offered by Life Green Systems help you achieve your fresh water resource goals.

WSUD-resampled5 copyBenefits of Water Sensitive Urban Design are endless, providing greater security of water supply with a reduction in flood risk, improvement of water quality in watercourses, a reduction of carbon and energy associated with water management, increased support of local food production and a creation of more attractive places.

WSUD helps to manage the impacts of storm water from development. WSUD works at all levels – at the lot level, street and precinct level, as well as regional scales – with the aim of protecting and improving waterway health by mimicking the natural water cycle as closely as possible.

Key principles of WSUD: –

  • Protect waterways
  • Protect waterways within urban developments so that they can remain valuable community assets that enhance livability and support the ecosystems that rely on them.
  • Manage storm water in the landscape
  • Manage storm water in the landscape rather than drain it all to waterways. This reduces the volume and frequency of storm water drained and increases the quality before storm water reaches waterways.
  • Add multiple benefits while minimizing development costs
  • Provide for a range of benefits such as alternate supply, improved amenity and safety, and contribute to enhanced livability by enhancing natural features such as rivers and lakes. WSUD minimizes the drainage infrastructure development costs by reducing pipe sizes and potentially replacing other large scale reticulated water systems with local solutions.

Key applications of WSUD:-

WSUD includes a range of applications, including:

  • Grassed or landscaped boiswales
  • Infiltration trenches and bio-retention systems
  • Gross pollutant traps, wetlands and sediment ponds
  • Rainwater tanks – stormwater harvesting and reuse
  • Grey water harvesting and reuse
  • Rain gardens, rooftop greening and urban forests
  • Porous pavements
  • Aquifer recharge and reuse

Life Green Systems works in the same lines when offering water management and natural waste water treatment solutions with varied situations. The company has advanced technologies to offer the best solutions in terms of storm water management, aquifer recharging, grey and fresh water harvesting, water treatment facilities, urban ecology solutions and many more.