Efficient storm water drain channels: Storm water management through urban sustainable drainage system

Storm water management / retention

We’ve witnessed the multiple effects of urban design that have brought into light: Our mother rivers run dry and polluted, underground water level drops every year, depletion of resources and devastation of environment that threats to future. These present traditional gardens do not address the contemporary environmental ethics and the principles of sustainability. There is a dire need of change to be brought in green innovative infrastructure that forms new culture. The balance between fresh water resources and man’s usage must be built.

Comparison between traditional drains and urban sustainable drainage by Life Green Systems

In the past few years, urban cities are witnessing radical changes in terms of sustainable infrastructure development and urban ecology to constantly compete the pace of green technologies and innovation. The frequent changes in world’s climate and increased risks of flash flooding in urban cities, have ponder Life Green Systems to innovate and implement urban sustainable drainage solutions to eliminate the risk of flash flooding or industrial flooding. Our future-oriented approach is all what makes us different in the world where everyone is looking out for solutions which can comprehensively resolve the issue of flash flooding or industrial flooding.

We, at Life Green Systems install LifeRain™ modules in contemporary application of urban sustainable drainage system. Unlike traditional drain channels which were incomplete method of water management that are generally designed to merely deal with the quantity of water, to reduce downstream flooding. This type of traditional drain system detains and discharges contaminated storm water into natural waterways. However, this technique has become outdated and inadequate to resolve issues related to storm water drainage. Traditional drainage system is now technologically backward and self-defeating fresh water management practice.

Traditional drain channels are not environmentally responsible as it does not ensure good quality of water, recharge the ground water, and natural recycling of storm water by vegetation. Life Green Systems’ LifeRain™ tanks are modular and can be installed effectively for various applications such as underground water storage tank, modular rainwater harvesting (reuse or recharge) and urban sustainable drainage system or ecological channels to transport storm water. LifeRain™ is designed in a manner to better address the potential issues related to water resources. It escalates future urban growth and reduces the risk of flash flooding through its innovative design structure and installation methodology. LifeRain™ has high-performance compression strength and purifies on site surface run off (including roof water).

Life Green Systems has made an innovative scientific storm water management technology into action with remarkable precision.

Our innovative ecological channels percolate and absorb water from surrounding soils. SuDS are more sustainable than conventional drainage methods because they are designed to manage flow rates, protect or enhance water quality and are sympathetic to the environmental setting and the needs of the local community by dealing with runoff close to where the rain falls (source control) or attenuating flows and controlling discharges downstream.

  • Ponds
  • Detention basins
  • Infiltration systems
  • Infiltration trenches
  • Wetlands
  • Infiltration basins
  • Swales
  • Filter drains
  • Permeable surfaces

Life Green Systems install LifeRain™ urban sustainable drainage system to eliminate problems related to ground water contamination responsibility and secure a better life through efficient water management.

We are making the growth of innovative green infrastructure happen under the frame of green building solutions such Modular Roof Gardens, Modular Underground Water Storage Tanks, Vertical Farming, Ecological Storm Water Drain Channels, which safeguard critical ecological and green infrastructure process.

Also, case study about installation of urban sustainable drainage system by Life Green Systems at automobile client site is provided that shows it was realistic and smarter way to implement a modular drainage scheme named LifeRain™ ecological channels.