Smart Water Technologies to Conserve Water

Now, with the global population topping seven billion and demand for water set to increase to unprecedented levels, new technologies are helping us make smarter use of this finite essential for life.

Through innovative technologies, research, implementation, and future oriented approach, Green Systems has been touching pinnacles and playing a key role in building a green future by adopting most intelligent water management systems and water treatment plants to cater the needs of present era.

According to the Environmental Outlook to 2050, global water demand is projected to increase by 55% between 2000 and 2050, by which time more than 40% of the global population may be under severe water stress.

The possibilities for environment friendly cities have never been greater. A dawning era of creativity and innovation in water smart technologies is bringing the commitment of sustainability – as well as helping companies in adopting Modular Rain Water Harvesting and Water Smart Landscapes. Green Systems make use of Modular Rain Water Harvesting techniques, Storm Water Management techniques with proper irrigation systems in place with regular adjustments, Vertical Gardens, Permeable Pavers, Turf Reinforcement where every necessary, underground water storage techniques, subsurface drainage systems, ecological drains etc. These techniques not only help conserving water but also make water sensible landscapes.