Urban Flood Mitigation

Prevent Flooding, Prevent Loss & Damage, Protect Your Assets

Unseasonal sudden & heavy downpour  or consistent rains during monsoons are the prominent reasons behind massive flash floods. Many areas in India are vulnerable to flash flooding which tend to disrupt daily life & business. For e.g. it has been found that in the coming years, the core of Noida city appears destined to expand into the major flood plain of the Yamuna and the Hindon River basins. This expanded core, having proximity to Delhi, will have to cope with increasing flash flood risk, arising largely from growth of economic activity on vulnerable lands or perhaps from growing flash flood frequencies.

It’s High Time! The existing water harvesting mechanisms need to be embedded with high permeability materials of high performance to win the battle with flash flooding.

Through innovative technologies, research, implementation, and future oriented approach, Green Systems has been playing a key role in preventing flash flooding majorly in lowland areas by implementing intelligent solutions like Ecological Channels, Modular Rain Water Harvesting, Storm water Harvesting, Pond/Lake Development and Sub-Surface Drainage technologiesto cater the needs of pan India where urban flash flooding are becoming radically high.

In addition, with intelligent water management technologies, we can easily prepare an effective elevation model to conserve the natural rain water and reduce the chances of occurrence of the devastating floods. Green Systems make use of Modular Rain Water Harvesting techniques and sub-surface drainage with proper irrigation systems in place with regular adjustments. These techniques not only help preventing flash floods but also help in conserving water.