Rooftop Garden by Life Green Systems: Urban green roof for your lively lifestyle


 In a concrete jungle, traffic-congested city, the aspiration to install and nurture urban roof garden in your balconies and rooftops seems a concept to enhance sustainable lifestyle.


Today, when life is preoccupied with professional stress and social influence that we hardly find time to pamper ourselves or to indulge in meditation to refuel the positive energy. Going outside garden to retreat from your mundane lifestyle has become little more difficult due to heavy traffic on roads and immense pollution in the air. So, how about having your very own rooftop garden or terrace garden which is not just aesthetically designed but also architecturally appealing.


Green rooftop garden is filling the concrete spaces in your balcony or terrace beautifully and aesthetically.

Rooftop garden by Life Green Systems are completely and comprehensively innovative in terms of design and specification. Our landscape designers make use of a unique planting scheme for terrace garden that would complement the overall ambiance and reflect the urban design. Installation of rooftop garden by Life Green Systems involves various steps such as waterproofing, laying geotextile and installing drainage cells before the final plantation.

Salient Features of urban green roof installed by Life Green Systems:

  • Reduce storm water runoff
  • Facilitates rooftop drainage
  • Lightweight and modular design
  • Long shelf life
  • Absorb & Transform Sunlight
  • Suitable for organic garden or rooftop farms

According to a recent study published, roof garden help buildings beat the heat and reduce the room temperature. They said that during the study period temperature fluctuations were recorded in both the green roof and reference roof, but in the green roof they were kept at a minimum. The scientific explanation according to the study is that the surface temperatures on the terrace decreases due to evaporation of moisture from the soil. One researcher recently quotes about nurturing the green roof that, “We only switch on the air-conditioner for two months in a year. Once we increase the installation of rooftop garden or terrace garden, we have not had to use the air-conditioner at all”. Isn’t amazing?


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