Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy – Understand the dire need before the arrival of monsoon in India

The successful implementation of innovative technologies is the only reason behind the healthy survival of world’s population on this planet. The time is changing at its pace and we somehow need to realize the value of natural resources specially water. Rainwater Harvesting is not an alien term; however the technologies can be varied.

When it rains… Life Green Systems promote the conservation of rain water through Recharging the groundwater or Reusing. The efforts put in are not only for a better tomorrow but also for a prosperous today.

Water shortage for industries and domestic use has becoming the concern of developing and under developing countries. On the other hand, most of the industries in rural or urban areas face higher degree of water challenges that continue to rise, creating many difficulties to manage the operating cost.

Hence, there is a serious need for taking ground-breaking and innovative initiatives that help industries to achieve their water goals, both for regulatory compliance and sustainable business goals.
Life Green Systems is more than a decade old environmental consultant that provides rain water consultancy to a large number industries or government bodies.

How a Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy work can help?
• Planning and Designing: Consultancy work will help in effectively planning and designing rain water harvesting scheme from concept to complete.
• Water Auditing: Consultancy work can help you in reducing water expenses and implement required solutions at the premises.
• Detailed Report of the site: Consultancy work help you in getting the detailed report prepared that includes Rain water planning and designing work , Survey of the proposed site, Data mining and survey report writing, Technical data analysis and feasibility assessment, Hydro geological report writing for RWH, Geo Morphology & Physical information of study area.

In Rainwater harvesting consultancy, Life Green Systems majorly conducts:
• Geophysical survey
• Hydrogeology study
• Technical Cum Feasibility Report Writing
• Resistivity Survey
• Vertical Electric Soundings
• Infiltration Test
• Soil percolation test
• Regression Analysis
• Designing the capacity of RWH
• Selection of best possible location for RWH

Without an effective RWH consultancy done by an expert and experienced team, you won’t be able to investigate the ground water aquifer and average rainfall of that particular region or other vital details. Accurate results are very likely when it is done appropriately!

According to Central Ground Water Board (CGWB): “The role of geophysical methods in Groundwater Exploration is vital. Its chief aim is to understand the hidden subsurface hydrogeological conditions accurately and adequately. Since the base of any geophysical methods is the contrast between the physical properties of the target and the environs, the better the contrast or anomaly, better would be geophysical response and hence the identification. So, the efficacy of any geophysical techniques lies in its ability to sense and resolve the hidden subsurface hydrogeological heterogeneities or variation. Hence for groundwater exploration a judicious application or integration of techniques is most essential to become successful in exploration, technologically as well as economically. It is to be clearly conceptualized that groundwater cannot be detected directly by any one of the geophysical methods and therefore the interpretation is contextual and a broad understanding of the subsurface hydro geological condition is prerequisite.”

If the above measures are implemented in Rural and Urban areas, the problems of flood and drought in Urban and Rural areas can be solved to some extent. The people, environmental consultants, and Government shall come together and implement the rain water harvesting and promote consultancy in a whole manner in all places in the years to come to solve the water problems permanently for future generations.