Modular rainwater harvesting is simply a performance oriented technology for a responsible future and a better life.

Life is where the water is… Since our childhood days we have been taught that water is life, but with passing years we are forgetting the essential source of life. Innovative technologies in line with environment is needed everywhere on earth to attain the abundance in water. There have been significant changes occurred in water usage pattern in different regions. This present scenario of water usage demands technologies to implement and meet the water needs of present as well the future generation in order to create a better life for everyone.

Product with precision and unmatched performance to realize the vision of:

 Green Cities, Clean Waters and a Better Life.

LifeRain™ is a product by Life Green Systems that can resolve the water problems by time and also ensure the optimal quality of ground water. The underground water storage tank application of LifeRain™ can help largely to people who generally collect water for reuse purpose in some countries.


LifeRain™ modules ensure high performance to catch the running water for ground water recharge or reuse. In addition to this, LifeRain™ filter can be installed in line with each downspout connected to the rainwater harvesting system or to the storage tank. This will provide higher-quality rainwater for reuse or recharge.

The modular rainwater harvesting technology is apt for installation in urban settings around the world to reduce water demand and increase the use of natural source water. However, if you want to install rainwater harvesting set up for household or commercial use then it is highly recommended to take rainwater harvesting consultancy services to design and plan a customized rainwater harvesting system to address the present and future water needs.

  • Customized for small to big projects
  • Innovation in design
  • Optimal water quality
  • Lower the risk and civil work
  • Maximized LEED points
  • Longer shelf life of 100+ years
  • Full system guarantee

Storing and using rainwater takes some of the pressure off municipal storm drains and can help prevent flooding. In times of drought, the stored water allows property owners more leeway in water use than homes and businesses relying on municipal water for irrigation. Plus, it saves money.