How urban ecology is enhanced through vertical gardens & roof gardens?

7h1The urban environment has been witnessing the radical ecological improvement in terms of landscaping that majorly includes vertical gardens and roof gardens as an innovative advancement.  This has becoming the new frontier to enhance urban ecology at par with quality and difference.  Urban landscaping creates a richer ecosystem, enhances biodiversity, improves mental health, and alleviates some of the environmental externalities generated by urban areas (including pollution, runoff and heat island effects). Today, new measures– such as executing vertical gardens and green roofs- must be taken to foster urban biodiversity. Most of the landscaping developers often overlook the advantages of well-rounded planting programs due to their cost, but certain knowledge can reverse this trend. Urban environmental research suggests that the benefits of urban greening far outweigh the costs. Green Systems believes that vertical gardens and roof gardens are among the best available alternative to introduce green landscaping feature in your ambiance. When considering where to find vibrant ecosystems teeming with water feature, cities might be the last place you can think of. Cities are full of concrete, cars and people; they are completely unsympathetic to green areas…or so we have been led to believe. How much of our perceptions is myth and how much is reality? Can our increasingly urban civilization learn the benefits of incorporating flora and fauna? Green Systems has been putting emphasis on these possibilities by providing compelling landscaping solutions like vertical gardens and roof gardens, and the countless advantages such solutions offer to human and urban ecosystem well-being. With proper incentives, cities in India could be transformed from a collection of concrete monoliths into verdant greenscaping that improve the environment while being healthier places to live. The vertical gardens and roof gardens implanted by Green Systems are meeting all the major environmental aspects to offer the out of the benefits to your ambiance. Urban greening has positive effects on the environment as well. Vertical green space leads to richer biodiversity and better nutrient and water cycle. When mono-culture grass lawns, paved roads or buildings replace a complex ecosystem, much of the hydro-logical cycle and habitable area degrades.