Efficient storm water drain channels: Storm water management through urban sustainable drainage system

Storm water management / retention We’ve witnessed the multiple effects of urban design that have brought into light: Our mother rivers run dry and polluted, underground water level drops every year, depletion of resources and devastation of environment that threats to future. These present traditional gardens do not address the contemporary environmental ethics and the […]

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Rooftop Garden by Life Green Systems: Urban green roof for your lively lifestyle

 In a concrete jungle, traffic-congested city, the aspiration to install and nurture urban roof garden in your balconies and rooftops seems a concept to enhance sustainable lifestyle.   Today, when life is preoccupied with professional stress and social influence that we hardly find time to pamper ourselves or to indulge in meditation to refuel the […]

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Fast Sustainable Solutions for Urban Flash Flooding Control and Solutions for Water Logging Problems in Industries by Life Green Systems

Water logging solutions

Flash Flooding: A flood disaster in any area due to heavy downpour or sudden rainfall. It is also defined as excessive rainfall hits in a short period of time, usually less than 6 hours. With changing global climate situation, flash flooding has become one of the major concerns in the world during last decade. Action […]

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Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy – Understand the dire need before the arrival of monsoon in India

The successful implementation of innovative technologies is the only reason behind the healthy survival of world’s population on this planet. The time is changing at its pace and we somehow need to realize the value of natural resources specially water. Rainwater Harvesting is not an alien term; however the technologies can be varied. When it […]

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Indoor Air Pollution – “The Inside Story”

Today, people spend large portion of their time indoors – as much as 80-90% of their lives. One third of that time is spent sleeping, in enclosed environments where air circulation may be restricted. Thus, a experts feel that more people experience the ill effects of the impacts of indoor air pollution than outside pollution.   […]

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